More About When To Paint Instead Of Buy Kitchen Cabinets

Then we pop off or eliminate the cabinet doors and take off the hinges. Each individual door hinge gets identified, so we can put every one back in the ideal place when we reassemble. Here's what the Austin cooking area from the video looked like after we removed all the doors and drawers: You can see our painters have actually started to "mask off" the kitchen cover non-cabinet areas like walls, ceilings, and countertops however more about that later on! Are the within your kitchen or bath cabinets in a light wood with a clear topcoat, or are they painted a strong color, or possibly stained dark? If they have a clear topcoat, as in the kitchen area photo above, those are normally left as-is (best color to paint walls with cream colored cabinets).

This means you can leave any products like dishes therein, due to the fact that we'll cover them with plastic to protect them from getting sprayed. allen brothers cabinet painting reviews. Less work for you! However, if the within your cabinets are either stained dark or previously painted in a solid color, then the best style option would be to paint the cabinets inside-and-out.

Silver lining: this is your possibility to go through the contents of your kitchen, keep whatever is still helpful or important, and donate the rest! Then we eliminate the drawer fronts, if possible. Sometimes the fronts are made to loosen quickly from the drawer "boxes", which is the ideal scenario.

Here we're loosening a drawer front, from the kitchen we painted in Austin, TX that we display in the video above: But if the drawer fronts aren't removable, we pull out the drawers, mask off the drawer boxes to safeguard them from paint overspray, and stack them all up to get prepared for painting.

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Or handling finding a place in your home to spread out all the cabinet doors so you can paint one side, then wait on them to dry enough so that you can flip them over and paint the backs. advertisement nauseam, for multiple coats. Plus attempting to paint both sides of the doors and drawer fronts while they're still in location is exceptionally difficult, and it's practically difficult to get a smooth result without getting paint on your hinges or leaving brush strokes on every surface.

By doing this, you're ensured a smooth, professional surface on BOTH sides of your cabinet doors. We cover whatever that won't get painted countertops, backsplash, appliances, floors with either masking paper or plastic. If we're not painting the within your cabinets, we tape paper or plastic over the openings where your doors and drawers go, protecting the insides from any overspray.

We put in zippered walk-through openings in the plastic "walls", so you can still enter your kitchen area when we're not working, and access your refrigerator, sink, and kitchen. Here's the Austin kitchen area from the video, after it's been masked off (waxing chalk paint cabinets). We utilized brown masking paper here, but the majority of typically we use plastic sheeting to mask off the cabinet openings, as you'll see in the next photo: We go the extra mile to make the entire task as comfortable for you as possible.

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